Familiar Faces from Familiar Realms!


Our Price: $19.99


New Dungeons & Dragons miniatures from WizKids!

The Realms are back, and WizKids has the miniatures you want to start your Dungeons & Dragons game off right!

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set has made its way out into the wild, and along with it, the Icons of the Realms set to go with it! Featuring some of the most popular iconic figures for nearly thirty years of the Forgotten Realms setting, this set includes six figures—great for any gaming group. The famous drow ranger, Drizzt Do'Urden, is included, along with a dwarven cleric, elven wizard, halfling rogue, human ranger, and Northlands fighter—ready to wreck some havoc on whatever foes they may face!

Check out the rest of the upcoming offerings from Dungeons & Dragons right here, and get your preorders in for "Hoard of the Dragon Queen"!

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