"A Warrior May Change His Metal, But Not His Heart."


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Head to the stars with Rocket Age!

If you're a fan of Planet Stories, you won't want to miss the latest release for Rocket Age from Cubicle 7 Entertainment!

If you fed your imagination on tales of Barsoom or what lurked beneath the clouds of Venus or dwelled within the ice of Europa, then you won't want to miss Heroes of the Solar System for the Rocket Age Roleplaying Game! Packed full of player information, this release gives you more background on races within the setting, such as Maduri, Martians, and Venusians, but also new ones like the ancient Robomen of Mars or the winged Jovians. New traits, organizations to help you find riches and adventure within the solar system, all in a delightfully pulpy setting that hearkens back to some of the earliest forays into science fiction!

The Rocket Age RPG Core Rulebook earned a Judges' Spotlight award for this year's ENnies—check out that book and many others for the 2014 ENnies voting going on right now!

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That's from a A Princess of Mars isn't it? One of the Barsoom chronicles, I know it.


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