Stab Your Buddy, Kill the Monsters, Steal the (Deluxe) Treasure!


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New Pathfinder Munchkin now available!

What's better than loot? More loot, of course, and Steve Jackson Games is ready to take your order!

Short, green, and filled with nasty sharp pointy teeth, the goblins of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting were some of our first forays into our world, and they've been fan favorites ever since with their love of fire and hatred of dogs and horses. When Andrew Hackard of Steve Jackson Games sat down to design Munchkin: Pathfinder, he knew he had to include the lovable vermin—a story he shares with his World of Munchkin Designer Notes! Gaining strength the more of them there are in play, the goblins can be a great aid—or hindrance—to you as you conquer your way up to 10th level to win a game of Munchkin! After our initial release at GenCon 2013 last year and the Gobsmacked! expansion after that, our friends at Steve Jackson Games wanted to do more, and so Munchkin: Pathfinder Deluxe was born! Arriving at our warehouse just this week, Munchkin: Pathfinder Deluxe includes everything in the original set, plus a game board, custom d6, and enough pawns and plastic stands for six players! (No sneaky-sneaky hiding of your levels with this set!)

Check out all the other Munchkin sets and accessories right here on (including the recently released Munchkin Legends), and get all of the juicy tidbits about designing Munchkin Pathfinder on World of Munchkin!

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