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New third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases!

Our latest roundup of third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases is here!

What's a Islands of Plunder: Spices and Flesh is the latest offering from Legendary Games, giving you an adventure for 4th-level PCs that gives you a chance to parley, plunder, or perish on the high seas! Of course, that's not all Legendary Games has, and Feats of the Holy Warrior gives your mythic champion 11 new feats to smite the wicked with!

If the pungent stench of mildew emanating from wet dungeon walls has finally gotten to you, check out Mystic Groves from Raging Swan Press! This release in their new Alternate Dungeon line breaks away from the traditional monster-filled box with new encounter options. (But if you do like your adventures underground, don't miss out on Subterranean Enclave: Deephearth!) Dreamscarred Press continues to champion all things psionic with Psionic Bestiary, and Kyoudai Games has The Iron Guard Field Guide for their Thunderscape campaign setting, and finally, Rogue Genius Games also has a piratical entry with Location Guides: The Pirate Haven of Blackrock!

Check out all of the third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases right here on!

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Woot! On the 'front cover' of the blog. That's pleasant surprise when logging on the Paizo website today.

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Hey, thanks for the shout out on the Psionic Bestiary! :)

Print copies should be in next month!

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