Never Split the Party!


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New Pathfinder Comic now available!

Not everything is all sunshine and roses for our heroes in the latest Pathfinder Comic!

Murder and thievery are a part of city life, and Magnimar is no different. But our heroes, with a fresh mystery on their hands, are going to learn the hard way that perhaps splitting the party was not the best idea in Pathfinder—City of Secrets #2! Temptations abound in the City of Secrets, and the night is young—will our heroes survive the night, or will they be another victim of the murderer who's targeting followers of Sarenrae? In addition to this tale by Jim Zub, Pathfinder—City of Secrets #2 also contains an urban encounter that will get your whiskers twitching! A quick adventure for 4th-level characters, it also has a pull-out battle map that doubles as a poster, featuring the cover at from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Mythic Adventures!

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Has anybody spotted the background characters from the contest? I want to know who won!

I just assumed it was the character on the last page.

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