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Sovereign Stone Starter Set (PFRPG) PDF Bundle

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New third-party Pathfinder campaign setting!

Fantasy artist legend Larry Elmore's campaign setting comes to life with the latest from Timeout Diversions!

Longtime gamers recognize the work of Larry Elmore, whose work has graced many game books and fantasy novels over the past few decades, and now you can get his artistic vision in a campaign setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! The Sovereign Stone setting takes the tale of the eponymous stone, whose power was meant for peace but instead ignited war, and gives you a whole new world to explore with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Seafaring orks, nomadic dwarves, feudal elves, and barbarian tribes cover the world, dragon-hunting bahk, tattooed monks, and the aftermath of the Vrykyl War provide the background for your adventurer, while magic and spellcasting rules are expanded and adapted to give your characters that Sovereign Stone touch! The Campaign Setting Core Rulebook, Bestiary, and Codex Mysterium all contain exciting new options for your game—filled with art from Elmore, with a saga crafted by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman! Even better, you can pick up the first three PDFs together in the Starter Set bundle, and get 15% off buying the PDFs individually!

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