And Now My Reign Begins!


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New Pathfinder Battles set released!

Serve your revenge nice and frosty with the latest Pathfinder Battles set from WizKids!

Baba Yaga's reach is long, but the events of the Reign of Winter Adventure Path challenge her authority, and with the Pathfinder Battles: Reign of Winter prepainted miniatures, you'll get a slew of unique miniatures to bring winter to your tabletop! Each case of miniatures gives you over 100 miniatures, ranging from the immortal witch Baba Yaga to her daughter Elvanna, ice elementals and winter wolves. But Reign of Winter Adventure Path ventures to lands far from Golarion's Inner Sea, and creatures like the wolliped or foes like Drakelands barbarian and the undead rider Polkovnik Lavrenti makes for terrifying encounters for your Reign of Winter game! And if you purchase a case, you qualify to purchase the case premium, the Gargantuan White Dragon! Pathfinder Battles subscribers receive 30% off our price as well as our many Pathfinder Battles miniatures singles!

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