We All Float Down Here!


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New Call of Cthulhu adventure now available!

Be careful heading toward the light with the latest Call of Cthulhu adventure from Chaosium!

Horror survival guides mention that you want to avoid certain small towns in New England, and with "Dead Light", an adventure for the 7th Edition of Call of Cthulhu, this adage is true! Set just outside of Arkham in the 1920s, "Dead Light" is a stand alone adventure designed to introduce the game for two to five players new to Call of Cthulhu. A fierce storm traps your investigators in a rural town, a town where people are being murdered one by one. The answers and solutions will require quick thinking and courage to survive the night—whether or not your mind is intact when the dawn comes is another matter! (And if you were not a part of the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Kickstarter, no worries—this book contains conversion notes for earlier editions of the game!)

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