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New Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases from Frog God Games!

Desert adventures await with the latest from Frog God Games!

A desert is more than just sand and hot sun, and any good adventurer knows that somewhere in its trackless dunes lies fortunes waiting to be uncovered. You don't go into it unprepared, though, and Dunes of Desolation ventures forth to give your character everything they need to survive it! Learn about the perils of desert, such as how to find water even when it cannot be seen (and the hidden perils of disease), mounts to traverse sandy expanses, poisons, new uses for skills, feats such as Bazaar Thief, Desert Explorer, and Genie Sage, magic items—even different kinds of deserts to consider! Spells like camelback and dowse give you an additional edge in combating the environment, while hourglass of sand and serpent hands give you an edge in combat! But in true Frog God Games fashion, there are plenty of exciting new choices for game masters, varying in lethality from cutthroat toll collectors to the enormous half-cobra, half-scorpion martuush! Deities a-plenty as well as three new adventures provide additional material for the GM to use in any campaign, but Dunes of Desolation is also a great addition for any Mummy's Mask or Legacy of Fire campaign!

Check out everything from Frog God Games right here, and don't miss out on infamous dungeons like Rappan Athuk, the massive Tome of Horrors Complete, and the always-useful Tome of Adventure Design!

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