The Doctor is In!


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New Pathfinder Miniatures from Reaper!

Reaper Miniatures is bringing you an infamous cast of characters with their latest lineup!

Wizards always arrive precisely when they are meant to, and Doctor Orontius is no exception. Appearing in Thieves Vinegar by Kevin Andrew Murphy, this miniature captures the stance illustrated by Carmen Cianelli perfectly! Great for any wizardly type, the Dr. Orontius miniature can be an excellent addition to your lineup of classic character types, along with a cleric, fighter, and rogue! If you need more magic users, don't miss the mask-wearing Herald of Razmir, tome-carrying Ailyn Ghontasavos, a Chelaxian Infernal Binder, the Whispering Tyrant, and Baba Yaga herself!

Check out the entire line of Pathfinder Miniatures right here, and get unpainted, prepainted, and assemble-your-own Paper Minis for your tabletop game!

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