Rat Poison? I Love Rat Poison!

Cheapass Games gets the Doctor!

The Doctor is in, and this time, you're going to get that lucky old man with the latest from Cheapass Games!

The unkillable Doctor Lucky returns in Get Lucky, the newest card game from Cheapass Games! Lucky Mansion is the place, and murdering Doctor Lucky first is the race in this game for anywhere between 2 and 6 players. Like most Doctor Lucky games, to win, you have to off the old codger, using your Weapon, Motive, and Opportunity cards to rack up the points and (hopefully) to gain the upper hand. (Sadly, it won't be with a Monkey Hand in this game!) You'll take the role of one of fifteen characters seeking the Doctor's demise, and with the right combination of cards, you might be able to get Lucky—but beware the other players! They can play their cards to stop your murder attempt and be the one to Get Lucky!

Check out everything from Cheapass Games right here, and grab a copy of Unexploded Cow or Deadwood Studios, USA for a night of hilarious gaming!

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