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Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–05: The Elven Entanglement (PFRPG) PDF

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The call is out—the wardstones keeping the Worldwound at bay are failing, and another Crusade against the demonic forces begins with this month's Pathfinder Society scenarios!

Any war needs resources, even moreso against creatures as terrifying as demons. In "The Elven Entanglement", your Pathfinder Society agent is charged with garnering the aid of skilled Kyonin demon hunters, veterans of the incessant incursions of Treerazer, whose legions have decimated the southern forests of the elven kingdom. For 7th through 11th level characters, this scenario will send you into the depths of Tanglebriar, home to all sorts of unfriendly flora and fauna, as the hunters that Mendev desperately needs have gone missing in its corrupt and twisted passages.

In this month's second scenario, "The Stolen Heir" for 1st through 5th level characters, your Pathfinder Society agent must head to Taldor, where they must gain the aid of a wealthy citizen of wine-rich Sauerton. Unfortunately, their request for aid in the Mendevian Crusade is stymied: Tercio Andares's daughter has been kidnapped. With the information given to them, your agents must find the kidnapper's hideout, who purloined Thalia Andares, and return her safely to her father. Of course, she was stolen for a reason...and there are forces that don't want the Pathfinder to secure resources for the Crusade! (If you're a member of the Taldan faction, you won't want to miss this scenario)!

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I'm excited too. Going to start prepping this early as I don't run it till 11/9. Thanks for writing it Ryan, I've been looking forward to a scenario based there for a long time.

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Stolen Heir is a dead link and doesn't show up in the product category? And 5–06 is planned for 31 October …

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Congrats Ryan!!

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Lukas Klausner wrote:
Stolen Heir is a dead link and doesn't show up in the product category? And 5–06 is planned for 31 October …


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