Water, Water, Everywhere—And Goblins Be Sneaking There!


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New Pathfinder Comic now available!

Dynamite Entertainment is ready with another duo of tales with Pathfinder Comics!

In Pathfinder Comic: Goblins! #2, we have not one, but two tales of goblin antics. In the first, penned by Charles Soule and illustrated by Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque, "The Glorious Demise of Gurgle and Deep" we get the tale of two members of the Longlungs tribe who have a goal--to get the prize that lays within the hull of a longshanks ship! But they're only two, and they need to convince the aid of the Squidwhistlers goblins to sack the ship. Surely the prize that keeps the ship so heavy in the water must be gold—right?

In the second tale of Pathfinder: Goblins! #2, written by our own James L. Sutter and drawn by Sean Izaakse, we speak of a tale of the commoner's favorite familiar: the pig! Not just any pig, "Magic Pig" is the story of the prized pet of Chief Korgamorg, the grotesquely fat chief of a Chitterwood goblin tribe. Guarding a pig is rough work, and when the guards get their hands on a lone traveler (and his cache of magic items), one of them decides that his time of guarding a pig is over. Of course, a story about goblins means that it doesn't quite go as they intend...

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