If You Like It, Put Some Pathfinder Bling On It!

Paizo GenCon 2012 Pin Set

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Exclusive GenCon 2012 pins now available!

Who doesn't like to deck out their gaming bag with gaming buttons—especially when you've got award-winning Pathfinder art on them?

If you were lucky enough to attend GenCon 2012 this year, you may have known that we were handing out buttons each day of the convention, and you may have even snagged one or two before they vanished like pizza on Friday game night. But now you'll have your chance to pick up the entire Paizo GenCon 2012 Pin Set—for only $5! In the set, you'll get all five that we had available at the convention: a dogslicer-wielding goblin, a snippet from the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path hardcover, the beautiful iconic sorcerer Seoni from Pathfinder Comic #1, one mean-looking wizard from Rise of the Runelords, as well as Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch of the Pathfinder Society!

Check out the rest of our Paizo.com exclusives right here to snag one-of-a-kind gaming accessories and books, like our Rise of the Runelords Deluxe Collector's Edition Hardcover!

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Boo! These should be sold for $100 each. ;-)

Dark Archive

The Store Blog wrote:
"One mean looking wizard"

Hey don't we need a spoiler tag here?


I kid.

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Man, if I had known you were gonna sell these on the website, I could have saved a couple grand and skipped that trip to Indianapolis this year.

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