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New Wayfinder fanzine now available!

If new video games and our Campaign Setting book set north of the Inner Sea have given you a yen to play something with a Nordic theme, then our fans have put together something very special—and free!

The Lands of the Linnorm Kings are a dangerous place to live, and with Wayfinder #6, you get material that you'll want as both a GM and a player! As a GM, you'll love the mini-adventure, background fiction, and two NPCs that are all tied together in a tale of brotherhood gone terribly wrong and the new creatures that lurk in icy rivers. As a player, you'll want to get a hold of the new magic items and artifacts, check out the new inquisitor and magus archetypes, and even game with a shield-brother with the Great Hunt!

With a foreword by Erik Mona recounting the origins of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings as well as his own time as a fanzine editor, Wayfinder #6 is jam-packed with free material that you can't get anywhere else—and you aren't going to want to miss the call for submissions for Wayfinder #7 either! Releasing at PaizoCon 2012, the tenth anniversary of Paizo Publishing, you'll have an opportunity to share your creations with other Pathfinder and Golarion fans at our favorite convention of the year! (Did we mention that many Wayfinder contributors have gone on to freelance for such companies as Open Design, Super Genius Games, Rite Publishing, and many other third-party publishers?)

Check out all of the works that our fans have put together right here!

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Silver Crusade

So awesome that I bought 3.

Silver Crusade

Beautiful work this time around. Loving it. Would love a printed version to sit next to the Campaign book. :)

BTW, a sneak peak at the Advanced Race Guide cover inside! Yay!

Dark Archive Contributor

I guarantee you'll like it, or your money back!*


Not a valid offer.

Wow, really great job guys. If the next three Adventure Paths were set in the Ulfen lands, I would not complain, so this is a near and dear subject to my heart. You guys knocked it out of the park here.

Best part was the LG cleric of Erastil. Wow. That's heavy.

Now that is a very pretty magazine indeed. Beautiful work guys. Just to add a little post holiday cheer, here's the full set of board and tokens for the Great Hunt game at design resolution, along with a maptool file for computer based play.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

Awesome job to all contributors! Special thanks to Jon R for the Great Hunt goodness.

Why aren't you raising your HAMMERS high?

After all, 'blood and death are waiting, like a raven in the sky'


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