The Hero of Canton, the Man They Call Jayne!


New t-shirts from T-Shirt Bordello!

One of the fun and exciting things about any convention is the dealer hall, where the booths are overflowing with great new products! We met the folks from T-Shirt Bordello at Gen Con, and we've got plenty of exciting new t-shirts from them waiting for your next game night or casual Friday available right here at!

I've got a wishlist the size of my forearm from just what we've put up today, and such awesome nods to such beverages as Mudders Milk, Cthulhu Tequila ("This time the Wyrm eats you!"), Dunwich Dunkel, and Serenity Green Tea cannot be missed!

Beverages that I would order aside, sci-fi nods to Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who are in force—check out Han Shot First, Trek Yourself, and the Who/Star Wars mash-up R2DWho Cyb3rPO shirt! Fans of Aliens will also get a great selection, including a crew shirt for the U.S.C.S.S. Nostromo!

The living-challenged should check out the horror-themed shirts, including a general warning about zombies (they Eat Flesh), and another reminder that even when the Zombie Apocalypse happens, you still need to Enjoy the Little Things... Or you could take a quick pint down at your favorite pub, the Winchester Tavern! For other creep-filled fun, have a glass of Red Rum in the Overlook Hotel Pilsner Glass—it's Jack-approved!

We haven't forgotten video game fans, either, and with shirts like Cave Johnson's Killin' Time Lemon Grenade and the Achievement Unlocked shirt, you can wear your hobbies on your sleeve!

T-Shirt Bordello has turned it up to eleven—check out all their cool stuff right here! (If you like your cut of a different jib like me, no fear—many of the styles are available in womens' sizes as well!)

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Very cool. :)

Amazing how that show still resonates.

Scarab Sages

This is phenomenal.

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