Good Night, and Good Luck!


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Be afraid of the dark again with Nightfall!

Endless night—the subject has been popular in the last few years, from graphic novels to movies, and even in our own Adventure Paths. Something about it just itches at our primal fears, and Nightfall, the new card game from Alderac Entertainment Group, sets out to make sure we don’t forget that.

Once the sun retreated and left the world shrouded in darkness, ghouls, werewolves, and vampires crawled out, set to dominate the world on their own terms. This game focuses on dealing damage to your opponents’ decks, but there’s a new wrinkle—chaining. This mechanic lets you build up attacks and effects against your opponents, but the more wounds they get, the more enraged they get, and their deck works faster. Having enjoyed AEG's Legend of the Five Rings card game and RPG, I can't wait to see the chaining mechanic in play!

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I feel like I should sue Alderac for name infringement...

This is a great game. At first I didnt understand it but after hours getting used to it I love the game. Got two of the expasions now I just need the rest.

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