Golarion Prime!

Pathfinder Player Companion: Inner Sea Primer (PFRPG)

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The Inner Sea Primer is here!

Golarion is a huge place, and the Inner Sea Primer, our latest Pathfinder Player Companion, gives a wonderful overview of the entire campaign setting in just 32 pages, providing players everywhere with just enough tidbits of Golarion lore to flesh out character backstories and understand GM cues. Your players can quickly learn the differences between Taldor and Katapesh without consulting a multi-hundred-page setting book.

The Inner Sea is the heart of the Pathfinder campaign setting. From devil-worshiping Cheliax to cosmopolitan Absalom, from the savage and frozen Lands of the Linnorm Kings to the steaming jungles of the Mwangi Expanse, there’s a place for any character or adventure your imagination can come up with. Yet while a Game Master or player might learn all the secrets of the setting from the upcoming Pathfinder Campaign Setting World Guide: The Inner Sea, how does a player know what his PC might know about the world? With the Inner Sea Primer, Game Masters can quickly and easily introduce their players to the Pathfinder campaign setting, and experienced players can customize their characters with new setting-specific tricks and traits.

Inside this Pathfinder Player Companion, you’ll find player-friendly overviews of every nation of the Inner Sea Region, telling characters what they need to know about their homelands—or those of their enemies. There are new character traits for every country and region, helping to flesh out characters and tie their backgrounds and mechanics into the setting; overviews of the most common races of the region, from elves to half-orcs, as well as the most common human ethnicities; and a complete overview of the major gods in the region, and what every resident should know about them.

There are also three new arcane schools: the item crafters of the Arcanamirium, Egorian’s infernal binders, and the stealthy illusionists of Osirion’s mages of the veil; and new archetypes for three Inner Sea sword fighting styles: the Aldori swordlord, the Qadiran dervish, and the Taldan rondelero duelist.

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I am really looking forward to having Golarion updated to the PF rules for my players to use. I have four players completely new to RPGs as of 2010 and two of them started with PF. I hope this book will spark some additional ideas for their characters and help create a stronger interest in Golarion for them.

The Inner Sea Primer is comming up, and the World Guide new edition is comming up, both are Pathfinderized so...

We are going to really enjoy this :)

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Its been a good read. New stuff too. It just seems very well re-imagined and different in the right kind of way. Name changes and tweaks give me that good ole, "Well, back then they called it..." :)

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