The Other Otherworld Shipment!


Our Price: $5.00


A bunch of new Otherworld Miniatures are here!

In May, we began offering minis from UK manufacturer Otherworld Miniatures, and our first order with them was so large that they had to split it up into two shipments. Well, the second half of our initial order has just hit the warehouse, so we have a bunch of new, awesome first-edition feel miniatures for you to browse through!

We received a bunch more of the beloved Pig-Faced Orcs, Hobgoblin Warriors, and Kobold Warriors, including awesome compilation sets such as Pig-Faced Orc Command 2, the Pig-Faced Orc Tribe Box, the Hobgoblin War Party Boxed Set, Kobold Commanders, the Kobold Tribal Pack, and the Kobold Tribe Boxed Set! These sets give you a great cross-section of the various humanoid groupings Otherworld offers to fill out your collection!

We also received some Giant Rats along with Ogres, a collection of Slimes, Oozes and Jellies, and blood-sucking Stirges. We've even got the Dryad, Nymph, and Sylph Set!

So check out the whole Otherworld Miniatures lineup and let your 1st-edition geek loose!

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Pigish Orcs and doglike Kobolds. I need some MONEY!

Owner - House of Books and Games LLC

I'm safe ... they're unpainted :)

I love Otherworlds stuff. Glad you guys are carrying it now.

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