Flights of Savings!


Warhammer Fantasy RPG and Rackham Confrontation sale!

As part of our diligent quest to bring the best bargains to customers, we had the opportunity to buy some heavily discounted Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay books and Confrontation prepainted plastic miniatures from our friends at Fantasy Flight Games. And we're passing on the savings to you in our Warhammer Fantasy and Confrontation Miniatures Sale. We have 46 different items at 50% off, while supplies last.

We have 12 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay books for the second edition of the RPG, including such best sellers as Old World Bestiary, Old World Armoury, and Realms of Sorcery to name a few. For Rackham's Confrontation line, you can put together fairly complete armies of the Wolfen, Griffin, and Dirz factions. The Wolfen figures could make for some pretty nice (if a bit large) gnolls for your Pathfinder campaign, while the Griffin armies are full of spearmen, archers, knights on horseback, and plenty of other fantasy tropes. The Dirz are probably the hardest to fit into the traditional fantasy setting, though if you have more of a steampunk campaign, they could very well work for you.

As I mentioned above, these items are in limited quantities, so get these products while the getting is good!

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I've been looking for a copy of the Old World Bestiary since 2007, and here it is, at a discount. My dreams have come true!

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