Those Prices Are Great, by Crom!


New low prices on the Conan RPG make these must have books!

The Conan RPG from Mongoose Publishing was one of the most successful OGL products produced during the heyday of the 3rd edition of D&D. Chronicling the exploits of Conan the Cimmerian, the brainchild of author Robert E. Howard, the Conan RPG line gives you everything you need to launch your own adventures in the lands of Hyboria. Mongoose's license to produce the Conan RPG ended, and their loss is your gain! Mongoose has dropped the prices on their remaining Conan books by $10 to $15 per book!

These awesome deals aren't going to last forever, so if you'd like to bring a little Cimmerian might to your OGL game, pick up some of these sweet Conan deals before they are gone for good!

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