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Suite 3, 513-519 High Street
Penrith, NSW 2750

02 4731 4623

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Monday: 10am - 6pm
Tuesday: 10am - 6pm
Wednesday: 10am - late
Thursday: 10am - 8pm
Friday: 10am - midnight
Saturday: 10am - late
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

When I sat down to write this I was very tempted to roll out a default introduction of who we are and what we do. Then I had a think about it and realised that you have very likely been to a great number of sites. If I could save you some time and give you the main essence of what we did without you having to trove through page after page of positive hype then you might appreciate that. We are basically a very large, all round gaming store.

NOTE: You will notice that we do not wildly claim that we are the “best” at anything. We respect all of our fellow competitors and believe that the title of “best” should and does rest solely with your judgement. One might say “best rests in the eye of the beholder”, no Dungeons and Dragons monster pun intended...

Below is a list of focus points that may sharpen your minds eye image of us.


  • Our main focus is people. Everyone says this. We mean it. See for yourself.
  • The customer, if vaguely reasonable, is always right.
  • Everyone has a place in the store. We teach new to intermediate gamers. Masters teach us. We are happy to provide a platform for ‘suitable’ leaders to run gaming clubs and events. Speak to staff.
  • If you don’t scare us, we tend to say yes.
  • We believe that customers deserve live, full ranges on the wall. Not a threadbare display with stock “in the warehouse” that will arrive “next week sometime”. You want it now, you get it now.
  • TSP believes that staff should have a strong knowledge on game mechanics, product, narrative and craft for every range. If staff do not (as they are not perfect) then they will at least know who does in the store and introduce you to them.
  • TSP makes its 15+ gaming tables and large painting table available to anyone who asks, anytime.
  • We encourage you to use your imagination to its fullest and convert your figures any way you see fit. Only you and your opponent should get a say as to what is appropriate. Your game, your money, your hobby. We are happy to advise and counsel should you wish. You may use any brand of tools or glue in the store and you will not be treated any differently if we do not sell it. Some of you may have experienced poor treatment elsewhere. You will not at TSP.
  • We have games all day and until very late (around midnightish) on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to help you augment your understanding of the hobby and expand your gaming social scene. Everyone who wishes to add to the experience is always invited. See our events calendar for details.
  • On Sundays we provide free, no obligation painting and modeling classes.
  • Our preference is to form a relationship with you that will endure based on our dedication to your satisfaction at the till and on the table. Always feel free to speak honestly and openly with staff, without any judgment. To be what we claim to be, we need you to shape us to your needs.
  • Being huge fans of a certain unnamed Monty Python film involving a gourd, we actually like to haggle. So when you find yourself at the counter with a reasonable pile of stock in front of you feel free to suggest that we could “sweeten the deal”. If we can sustainably do it, we will. The more loyal you are to us, the more we can do for you. A customer record is available if you so please, allowing you to place orders and track your purchases, giving you a strong argument for a discount based on loyalty.
  • TSP is the primary employment for our 2 frontline team members Rowan and Bill. The store and its clan is our primary focus. Our team of 6 employees has a combined gaming experience period of over 100 years. The combined total of all of our allies and associates is staggering. Let our lifetime investment become your gain.

    So, after reading this you have an opportunity.

    In the modern world our vote does not count for a great deal anymore. The future of the world is shaped by the buying patterns of people. If you want an idea or group (a country!) to grow, you must support it. If you believe that TSP has the focus and direction that you believe should be rewarded then you know what to do. Let the market decide...

    Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to becoming your gaming associate or friend, if we deserve it.

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    Pathfinder Modules
    Pathfinder Player Companion
    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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