Arcana Hobbies & Games

17 Farmington Ave Unit BB1
Plainville, CT 06062-1700


Tues - Sun Noon - 10pm

We are a casual and friendly FLGS that is looking to have players of all skill levels join us on our adventures!

We carry all Pathfinder books available, and will also support Starfinder once it is released. We support all RPG organized play, and have room for up to 50 players. Thursday night is our general RPG meetup night, but feel free to stop down any day and play!!

We have several DMs with many years of experience that run games here, and are always looking for new groups or individuals to come down and play.

We support any form of organized play, as well as homebrew and casual play.

Product Lines Carried

Pathfinder Modules
Pathfinder Player Companion
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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