Starfinder Society Year of Fortune's Fall: Scenarios #6-01 & #6-02 (Foundry VTT)

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The Starfinder Society stands proud and united, yet trouble gathers on the horizon. When a mysterious and powerful criminal syndicate, dubbed the Organization, enacts a bloody attack within the Pact Worlds, First Seeker Ehu Hadif vows to bring an end to their predations. Yet, this attack is only the opening salvo in a plot destined to doom millions. It's up to you to unravel the plans of the Organization and bring the group's leaders to justice! Will the Starfinder Society emerge triumphant or will the Organization be our downfall?

This asset pack module contains all of the resources you need to run Starfinder Society scenarios 6-01: Year of Fortune's Fall and 6-02: Drift Scars on Foundry VTT, including the following:

  • 22 high-resolution character portraits and tokens for the unique monsters and NPCs in each scenario, plus a blank token ring and background for customizing your game.
  • High-resolution tokens and art for all Starfinder Society standard player starships.
  • 4 high-resolution Starfinder Flip-Mat encounter maps.
  • Custom landing pages for each scenario.
  • All scenes pre-configured with walls, lights, and sounds. A custom macro places tokens and hazards based on the group to provide GMs with the most convenient experience running the adventure for all parties.
  • Soundscapes provided as ambient playlists and local sound sources to immerse your players, created by Michael Ghelfi Studios.

This purchase will grant you an activation code which can be found on your My Downloads page on and activated through your Foundry VTT account page at Afterwards you will be able to install the "SFS Year of Fortune’s Fall: Scenarios #6-01 & #6-02" module on the Foundry Virtual Tabletop setup screen. To learn more about activating and installing premium content in Foundry Virtual Tabletop, visit

Please note: This purchase includes all of the assets necessary to run Starfinder Society scenarios 6-01 and 6-02 on Foundry VTT, but does not include the scenarios themselves. You can purchase both of these adventures in PDF format for $5.99 each, as well as all others released for Starfinder Society Season 6, at the Paizo store.

The Foundry Virtual Tabletop software is required to use this product. For more information, visit

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4.00/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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I've been hoping for Foundry releases on Starfinder for a while. This is a great implementation for foundry. Great music, included art assets, and scaling macros to help you quickly GM this organized play session for different groups. You'll need to get the PDF's to run this adventure since there's no journal entries.

Overall this is a great first step for Paizo and Starfinder on Foundry. Hope to see more of this.

Amazing Foundry VTT Module


That's all what we need to grow the Starfinder community: Good VTT implementations. This is a review of the module and assets.
The quality of the maps, tokens and overall art is very very good, has every asset that you need to run and play. The music is quite good as well, it helps set the mood and listening to some Sci Fi music is refreshing.
I hope to see more SFRPG VTT implementations.

Review for THE FOUNDRY VTT module NOT the scenario


Absolutely fantastic used this to run 6-02 at Paizocon
Maps all set up ready to go
Tokens/Character Sheets for NPCs
Included pages with beautiful animated art for non combat encounter
The macro which you indicated tier and # of players whci auto populated the NPCs to the maps for combat encounters based on scenario scaling was BRILLIANT i never wanted a button that did that but now i do
Included beautiful and thematic music for each map set up and ready to go

My only "wish they did this moment" was having a journal with the scenario art in it for the non combat NPCs (they included them as tokens but not a nice big picture in the journal) and TBH its Foundry and theres a module for fixing that

Highly recommend for anyone running on Foundry, Hats off to the creators you did an amazing job



This review is for Drift Scars; If this was my first exposure to starfinder I would not play this system. It is such a negative experience as it needs an experienced GM and experienced players in order to play it without getting bored or easily frustrated. It is needlessly complex with multiple star ship encounters that just drag on. The comic relief as the outsider "Captain" gives you coded hints that are all disguised as restaurant themes that are juvenile, not humorous and insulting. They turn a tense situation into a badly written joke. It's not humorous, it's pedantic, it slows an already complicated system down further. Meanwhile; later on in the episode you have a lot of skill checks to convince people to keep the drift lanes open. The skill checks are almost identical to the same diplomatic ones from 1st season. Nothing new here and it feels like an episode of TV where they run the same script from season one in season 6 and expect no one to notice. Again, it's very boring and uninspiring. And the ending is a choo choo, you are on a railroad and have no creativity to get off. When you talk about world building you need to have a little bit of grounded reality and having dozens upon dozens of space pirates converge at your location where there is nothing you can do other than follow the confines of the modules to make it for a static encounter. There are no heroic moments, no feelings of victory, no joy in this mod as it drags on and on and on. We would have players drop out of the VTT during this adventure as they just were bored and decided to try anything else. At one point I was hoping the space pirates would destroy our ship just so it would be over.

As the start to a new season I'm very disappointed. It is boring and poorly written and drags. I could have chosen anything to play at Piazo con and I was so disappointed by choosing this mod as it was a joyless slog to even attempt to play through.

As a side note: This adventure is already overly complicated so why would you put a complicated mini gambling game in it. And for the hell it puts you through with complicated rules, borning scenarios, and tedious situations there is no cool loot. It's just terrible all around. SMH!!

AWESOME to see some official support for Foundry!

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Hi all! Please remember to submit bug reports through the service portal linked on the landing journal entry or directly via this link: That's the best place to make sure the developers see it. Thanks!

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Subscriber

Hello Paizo. I am happy to finally see some Starfinder support on Foundry. However I have some concerns about this release. First, I'd like to ask if these modules will be slightly discounted to those that own the scenarios upon their release? Second and more importantly, will this module include importable journal entries? As I understand it, they were not available yet at Paizocon because the scenarios have yet to be officially release. However it has come to my attention that journal integration was never to be added. Quite frankly, this is unacceptable if true, as integrated journals are required to solidly run any adventure. Why pay for something that has omitted such a key feature? If your PF2E modules can do it, Starfinder modules can do it too. This is a big step forward for Starfinder on Foundry, but as it is right now it isn't a product that I can recommend. Please do right by your consumers and include journal entries for these releases.


Is there any word on when this will be updated for Foundry V11?

Paizo Employee Front-End Engineering Lead

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Rheinguard wrote:
This is a big step forward for Starfinder on Foundry, but as it is right now it isn't a product that I can recommend. Please do right by your consumers and include journal entries for these releases.

Hey Rheinguard, thanks for the feedback.

So, there are a few things about Organized Play that necessitate a different approach from the one we've been using for the Adventure Path modules.

The biggest was a need to keep prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality and while still ensuring we made enough profit (after paying our awesome dev team) to justify continued production, which is a challenge when the PDFs only retail for about $6 apiece to begin with. The PFS and SFS modules we just released each include two scenarios, putting the cost per scenario at $4. If we did include all the adventure content in journals, we'd need to account for the additional development costs as well as the added value represented by the content itself; let's say that raises the price to $10 per scenario. Seems fairly reasonable, right? But that doesn't take into account that a sizable percentage of the people who buy Org Play scenarios are either subscribers or Venture-Officers, which means they're more likely than not to have the PDFs no matter what, which in our current model would qualify them for a discount equal to the value of the PDF, bringing us back down to $4 per scenario again, even though we're now spending more on development.

In the end, it just ended up making more sense to keep distributing PDFs the way we always have and to make the FoundryVTT module a separate, complementary product, meaning we don't have to worry about the price of one affecting the other. There are enough ways to view PDFs in Foundry that we're hoping it's not that much of an inconvenience, and that the pre-rigged scenes and tokens and macros will provide more than enough value on their own.

Now, that being said, this is currently a standalone product. Whether we continue with this model for future Org Play releases (or at all) is up in the air right now; we're going to see how they sell, look at the feedback we get, and try to use that data to make an informed decision on our next steps. If it turns out that enough people are willing to pay $15 per scenario if it includes the journals and the PDF, we'll make that an option! But for our first attempt, it seemed like a safer bet to keep the prices as low we we reasonably could without sacrificing the quality of what we were offering, so that's what we've done here.

One final note: Although we currently think this is the best way to approach Starfinder and Pathfinder Society releases for all of the reasons listed above, we have no plans to make any changes to the way we handle Pathfinder Adventure Path releases, which will continue to include both journaled adventure content and the PDF (or a discount if you already own it).

Paizo Employee Front-End Engineering Lead

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Kamyr wrote:
Is there any word on when this will be updated for Foundry V11?

Not yet, but it's in development and will be released as soon as possible. There will always be a slight delay around a new Foundry release, since the systems themselves need to be updated before the adventure modules can be.

As a general rule, our official recommendation is that you remain on the "older" version of Foundry (in this case, v10) until any systems or modules you're currently using in your games have been updated, which should rarely be more than a few weeks at most.

Thank you for finally investing resources to create this. I've tried other VTTs and found that Foundry was excellent in terms of accessibility and affordability and letting me present the game in the manner I want without being at the mercy of a platform or subscription.

I think the release model that you described above is reasonable and understandable. If there needs to be further fine tuning of the release model I would recommend simply releasing the assets (music and art) sans the module, I think that's where you get the biggest value in terms of Foundry. Walls and lighting are fairly simple to implement, and the Macro is also useful, but they only provide marginal value for me specifically.

This helps save resources on development and continual maintenance due to platform changes. Not only that, with different VTTs coming out (i.e. Alchemy) having to buy assets every time you migrate to other VTTs can get expensive and prevent me from making those purchases or migrating altogether, though if that's part of the model, I get it.

I would love to run the Great Grav-Train Roberry for my friends, but there are no assets readily available for that. I would have to put in work even trying to use the assets from the PDF. But now that I have the assets for Fortune's Fall and Drift Scars. I find myself wanting to purchase the scenarios in PDF.

Consider also releasing a "Beginners Box" module. I am running a group of friends though several different beginners boxes that have official foundry modules. We're having a blast and this could be a great way of attracting new players. I know we have already agreed to re-visit one of the systems based on playing the beginners scenario.

Oh wow, we definitely need more and better support in Foundry for Starfinder ! I'm looking forward to try this out

EDIT: I just read through comments and it seems the journals are not included. Like, I understand the reason why but the reasoning is stupid. I'd much rather pay double the price and have journals set up in Foundry than alt tabbing to PDF.

So I'll probably wait to get proper support before going into Starfinder. It's a bit of a shame because the APs modules for Pathfinder are excellent and make running sessions very easy

It's great to see Foundry support for Starfinder! I moved away from Starfinder a while back at least partially due to the excellent support for PF2e in Foundry, I was just running out of time to prep everything myself. Currently GM'ing the Abmomination Vaults and enjoying it! That said I would definitely come back to Starfinder if they released the full Scoured Stars AP in the same fashion.

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Pathfinder Maps, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

Hey, Since foundry VTT assets for SFS 6-01 and 6-02, I haven't seen any new modules. Any idea when you will propose the nexts episods as foundry modules ? I am currently waiting for them to propose them

Thank you for,you answer !!

PS : I think that all those modules for VTT should be easier to find on your website, with better visibility, I am sure there would be more purchases !!

I just purchased this, but apparently it is not available in v11 yet. Is there an ETA on when this will be fixed?
I can currently install the module, but I am unable to 'Import Adventure'

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Riptide572 wrote:

I just purchased this, but apparently it is not available in v11 yet. Is there an ETA on when this will be fixed?

I can currently install the module, but I am unable to 'Import Adventure'

This thread tracks the update status for v11. No ETA has been given but they are "up next".

Paizo Foundry VTT modules and Foundry Software Updates

and if someone is reading this from the future, this same thread in theory will be updated with status updates for v12 and beyond.

Scarab Sages

Any chance we could get a blank token ring and background for the starship hex tokens?

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