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New creative team!
New party of Iconics!
New lands of Golarion to explore!

The tantalizing prospect of a rendezvous with a Geb defector in possession of priceless secrets from that undead nation brings a diverse group of adventurers to the Nexian metropolis of Ecanus. When they find themselves cornered by the city's remorseless Deathsealers, can the Iconics band together for survival-and escape a city full of hostile wizards alive?

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Eman Casallos
Pathfinder RPG Rules Appendix: Mikhail Rekun

This comic will ship bagged and boarded.

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I picked up the first two issues, and the story didn't grab me right away. I lay the fault at the feet of the interior artist. Their style is more than adequate, but there's something about it that pushes me away. I wish that Steve Ellis, the cover artist, was the main artist instead. Another issue I have is with the characterizations of the icons used; I feel that they don't synergize well as a group, especially not as well as Valeros, Amiri, Kyra, etc.

2.4 out of 5 stars for me, with the biggest detractions being the characterization and interior art. It just didn't hit the mark this time.

(Sample of the cover art that I want to be the interior as well

I am thoroughly enjoying this story after picking up the first two issues. The appearance of the necromancer iconic was a real treat.

4/5 Stars for me

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