Pathfinder: Elemental Stones

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Take on the role of an elemental sovereign, shaping the very nature of reality in this fast-moving board game!

2 to 4 players take turns to draft and play colorful (and colorblind-friendly) hexagonal tiles to match specific patterns and meet their own secret objective. With several dozen pattern cards, variable objectives, and a game state that's constantly in flux, you'll never play the same way twice. Simple setup, easy-to-learn rules, and a short play time of around 30 minutes means there's always time for one more game…

ISBN-13: 978-1-64078-546-5

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Preorder, expected approximately 18 Oct 2023

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I love boardgames, and games with tile laying elements like Carcasonne & Azule. I saw it was to be demoed at PaizoCon, but can't make that one.

I've been liking all the content in PF2E that I've gotten, so I want to buy it, but can't justify $20+ shipping for a single game. Is there a way of getting some bundled shipping if I can add to a high enough order total like $100 or something? Or should I ask for a local gaming retailer near me to see if they can order it and mix it with their upcoming purchases if they can get a better deal?

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