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Fey Friends and Foes

The Faerie Bestiary is an incredible creature collection from Legendary Games, bringing you over 200 richly detailed and evocatively illustrated creatures for Pathfinder Second Edition, drawing upon the myths and legends of the real world and throughout the history of RPGs. You can check out the fantastic flair of these monster accessories in the companion volumes Asian Monsters, Mythos Monsters, and Latin American Monsters! This volume brings you monsters from every flavor of fairy tale and that dance along the borders of dream and reality with unspeakable grace and wild abandon. You’ll find creatures and challenges both seelie and unseelie alike, from fauns to forestmaster unicorns, brownies to bandersnatches, tiny snapdragon leshys and titanic mosslords. You’ll find dragons of dreams, nightmares, and utter bliss alongside love-cursed daemons, kindly hamadryads, thundering animate arias, and more to haunt your heroes awake and animate dreams to plague their slumber. You’ll find monsters from Level from -1 to 25 and every creature type, plus appendices on fey-touched beasts and dreamscapes!

The Faerie Bestiary is the perfect addition to any wilderness campaign or anywhere the fey have left their touch on the world, and a perfect companion for the upcoming Faerie Campaigns, which provides a wealth of character options, spells, magic items, adventures, and a wealth of rules for bringing the weirdling ways of the fey into your campaign with passion, mystery, and of course a bargain or two! Enrich your Pathfinder Second Edition campaign with this incredible 264-page monster accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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This is a truly magnificent monster book and a perfect companion to the Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path!

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