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Mini-Dungeon Tome is here for Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

In the second of our preview packs for the Mini-Dungeon Tome, we have even more unique scenarios for you:

A sinkhole has swallowed a mine's main building, and unnatural creatures abound; as the fledgling heroes make their way down, they will have to use keep their wits as sharp as their blades in Stephen Yeardley's Pit Your Wits

It's a truism, granted, but "We All Start Somewhere" holds true for even the mightiest heroes… and their foes! Stephen Yeardley challenges novice heroes to fight a draconic threat, an event from which a whole campaign may well develop.

Blood-smeared doorways and disappearances terrorize the frontier towns; can the adventurers breach Lou Agresta's Lair of the Mad Druid, or will they vanish as well?

Justin Andrew Mason has an unconventional premise here: When a famous captain is suspected of leading a double life, it's up to the heroes to determine the truth and catch the pirate queen red-handed, as they Stowaway on the Singing Sea!

We want to thank the PF2 community for making the Kickstarter of the Mini-Dungeon Tome a success!

If you haven't already, please consider supporting us on Kickstarter here, and help us make this book even more AAWsome!

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