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Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection contains exact reprints of all five Grimtooth’s Traps books. This is an homage to an important piece of gaming history. This 460-page tome details more than 500 traps in a systems-neutral format, suitable for any fantasy RPG. They are presented in their original, classic form. No updates, no rules revisions, no changes, and nothing to disrupt the entertaining formula that has led the Grimtooth’s line to sell more than 250,000 copies since 1981.

Exact reproductions of Grimtooth’s Traps, Grimtooth’s Traps Too, Grimtooth’s Traps Fore, Grimtooth’s Traps Ate, and Grimtooth’s Traps Lite
A foreword by noted dungeon designer Harley Stroh
An extensive interview with the original Grimtooth’s creative team
A cover gallery showcasing 30 years of editions in English and many non-English languages
A look behind the submissions process, including the legendary "Grimtooth’s Submissions Box" that sits on a shelf in the Flying Buffalo offices

For the first time in over a decade, the Grimtooth’s submissions box opened again, and more great entries have been selected! We’ve added more than a dozen new traps created specifically for this volume.

Produced in cooperation with Flying Buffalo.

Writer: Grimtooth the Troll, Harley Stroh, Jim Wampler, Rick Loomis, Paul Ryan O’Connor, Bear Peters, Joseph Goodman
Cover Art: S.S. Crompton
Interior Art: Steven S. Crompton, Liz Danforth, Michael Von Glahn, Steve Jackson, Jim Wampler, Jeff Dee

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