Mutant Crawl Classics #14 Mayhem on the Magtrain PDF

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It’s thrills on wheels as the Seekers find themselves trapped aboard a runaway train! The robotic conductor has lost contact with its engineer subroutine, so it falls upon the “stowaways” to stop their out-of-control journey. All that’s standing between them and victory is a train filled with hungry mutant worms, a railcar threatening to jump the tracks, and a sentient AI who refuses to be deactivated! Stow your luggage overhead and buckle up for a wild journey across Terra AD.

The ramshackle vehicle threatens to jump the rails at any moment, increasing the tension the longer the players take to stop it.
Can be used by the judge to connect various MCC adventures into a Terra-spanning campaign.
Who hasn’t dreamed of a running gunfight along the roof of a moving train?

Writer: Tim Snider
Cover Artist: Chuck Whelen

Level 2

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