Pathfinder Adventure Path #183: Field of Maidens (Blood Lords 3 of 6) (Foundry VTT) CODE

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Secrets Hidden in Stone! The Field of Maidens, an eerie stretch along the nation of Geb's southern border, lies studded with the petrified remains of invaders from centuries past. Long neglected and largely abandoned, the area takes on new significance when a traitor claws her way back from the dead and races toward her master concealed in the statue-filled badlands. At the same time, foreign invaders have infiltrated the stony sentinels to move against Geb. The player characters must piece together clues, unravel tangled motives, and bring to light machinations that threaten to destabilize the nation from the Field of Maidens.

"Field of Maidens" is a Pathfinder adventure for four less-than-good-hearted 8th-level characters. The adventure continues the Blood Lords Adventure Path, a six-part, monthly campaign in which the characters rise from skilled troubleshooters to join the Blood Lords who rule a land of the dead. The adventure also details the celestial matriarchy of Holomog and examines the undead shadows that plague the world's dark places. New items, spells, monsters, and more await your examination in "Field of Maidens". For the first time, experience this Adventure Path using the full suite of Foundry VTT features, using maps, tiles, tokens, sounds, and much more to bring you content which truly cannot be experienced in the same way anywhere else.

This purchase will grant you an activation code which can be activated through your Foundry VTT account page at and access to the PDF version of the same content (both downloadable from your My Downloads page on Afterwards you will be able to install the "Pathfinder Adventure Path #183: Field of Maidens (Blood Lords 3 of 6) (Foundry VTT)" module on the Foundry Virtual Tabletop setup screen. To learn more about activating and installing premium content in Foundry Virtual Tabletop, visit

Note: This product offering requires previous purchase of the Pathfinder Adventure Path #183: Field of Maidens (Blood Lords 3 of 6)/em> PDF. If you would like to purchase both the PDF and the Foundry module together, you may do so at this link.

Field of Maidens for Foundry VTT includes:

  • High-resolution character artwork and tokens for the unique undead monsters and NPCs in this AP.
  • Five completely remade, highly detailed, and immersive adventure maps with support for Foundry Virtual Tabletop's Overhead Tiles and Foreground Layer features, re-created by Sigil Entertainment Group using assets from Forgotten Adventures.
  • Journal Entries for the entire contents of the book with additional encounter notes and Foundry VTT tips.
  • Scenes pre-configured with walls, lights, sound, tokens, and hazards already placed to provide GMs the most convenient experience running the adventure.
  • Soundscapes provided as ambient playlists and local sound sources to immerse your players, mixed using audio from the Syrinscape library.

The Foundry Virtual Tabletop software is required to use this product. For more information, visit

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Just a heads up: Field of Maidens requires Foundry v10 to function. In addition, all of our other premium Adventure Path modules have now been updated to support Foundry v10. If you have not yet upgraded your Foundry installation to v10, you should not upgrade any existing Paizo Adventure Path modules at this time. If you upgrade by mistake, you can find manifest links to older v9-compatible versions at the bottom of each module's product page on Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the latest volume of the Blood Lords Adventure Path on Foundry VTT!


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