Starfinder Bounty #6: Songbird Rescue

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A Starfinder Bounty designed for 1st-level characters.

Among the hand-built shrines to forgotten and dead deities that cover the surface of the airless moon of Yashu-Indiri, a servant of a murderous god turns shrines into deathtraps and harnesses fell magic to drag down passing starships. When these engineered accidents cause a priestess of Shelyn—vanished goddess of art, love, and beauty—to go missing on a trip to Yashu-Indiri, a team of heroes is sent to locate and rescue her. If these heroes aren’t careful, they’ll be the next lives claimed in this grim harvest.

Written by: Nicole Heits

Content sanctioned for use in the Starfinder Society Organized Play program.

Scenario tags: Repeatable

[Scenario Maps spoiler - click to reveal]

The following maps used in this scenario are also available for purchase here on

  • Starfinder Flip-Mat: Crashed Starship
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