Starfinder Society Scenario #5-11: Archivist's Inquiry

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st- through 4th-level characters.

When both digital databases and Guidance fail to identify a traitorous Starfinder from the Society's past, Royo dispatches agents to delve into the Starfinder Society's long-neglected archival records for answers. Research the past, uncover clues, and explore a hidden chamber located within the Lorespire Complex itself!

This is the fourth scenario in the ongoing story of the Year of Redemption's Rise. While it is recommended you begin with Intro: Year of Redemption's Rise, the remaining scenarios in the Year of Redemption's Rise can be played in any order.

Written by: Katrina Hennessy

Scenario tags: Metaplot (Redemption's Rise), Faction (Cognates)

Map list not yet available.

Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Society Scenario Subscription.

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Paizo Employee Organized Play Coordinator

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Announced for November! Cover and product description are not final and are subject to change.

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Woo Hoo! Another Numbat story!

So happy for you.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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Pathfinder Starfinder Society Subscriber

Yaaaaas Numbat! Can't wait to play it!

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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Congratulations Numbat! Hope to see this at Emerald Con December 2-4!

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

"SQUEEE a library!?"
tries to look like a much less experienced starfinder to sneak in

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