Campaign Builder: Cities and Towns Map Folio

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Battle Maps for Urban Adventures!

The Cities & Towns Map Folio provides 12 large, 24 by 36 inch, high-resolution, wet/dry-erase battle maps perfect for staging city and town encounters in your 5th Edition game:

  • Temple districts and ruins
  • City streets and alleys
  • Canals and docks
  • Sewers and cemeteries
  • Plazas, arenas, and more!

Take the fight to the streets with ready-made maps!

ISBN-13: 978-1-950789-48-1

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Announced for April! Now available for preorder :)

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As a LOVER of MAPS, is there any way I could get a preview of just some of the maps?

Liberty's Edge

These might be of interest: towns-for-5th-edition-dnd/posts/3676176 towns-for-5th-edition-dnd/posts/3502529

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Paizo boards insert spaces into weblinks. towns-for-5th-edition-dnd/posts/3676176 towns-for-5th-edition-dnd/posts/3502529

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