Starfinder Society Scenario #5-10: Shadow of the Vault Lord

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for 9th- through 12th-level characters.

A group of elite Starfinders is called to Salvation's End to convince the residents of Vault-23A to evacuate the false moon. But the citizens of this utopia feel no fear and claim to have successfully fought off the forces of the mysterious Vault Lord—a tyrant who seeks to seize Salvation's End as his kingdom. As the Vault Lord's plans for conquest enter the next phase, the Starfinders are stranded behind enemy lines and must overcome a gauntlet of traps, trained soldiers, and the Vault Lord's sadistic lieutenant to escape with their lives!

Written by: Matt Duval

Scenario tags: Nova

Map list not yet available.

Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Society Scenario Subscription.

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Announced for October! Cover and product description are not final and are subject to change.

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Oh yes, it's happening. We're back!


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Some of my best memories are on Salvation's End. A pity when all the Vaults are empty.


I was sad we didn't have a Salvation's End scenario in Season 4. It will be good to get back in there.

Looks like it won't be out in time for Skal Con, but I'd love to run this at Con of the North 2023.

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