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This printable fantasy football pitch is compatible with the 'Sevens' variant of Blood Bowl. Whether you're a league organizer looking for an easy and affordable way to produce lots of pitches for your club members, or a coach looking for a unique playing surface for your team, this set has something for you.

Ready to print: This set includes several prepared versions of the full-sized pitch in JPG format at 300dpi resolution, giving you a variety of endzone colors, markings, and gory details that are ready to print on a large format printer. Also included are PDF files at 200dpi that break up the prepared pitches into 8 letter-sized (8.5" x 11") tiles, which can also be printed onto A4 sheets (for best results, turn off any "fit to page" print settings). These PDF files are ready to print.

Multiple skins: This set features multi-layered PDFs that give you the power to add or hide some optional graphics layers. It includes a layered PDF for the full-size 18" x 30" map.

You'll also find a customizable layered PDF at 200dpi that breaks up this pitch into 8 letter-sized (8.5" x 11") tiles, which can also be printed on A4 sheets.

Layered PDFs should be adjusted in your PDF reader before printing.

Software requirements: To use the layered PDFs, the free program Adobe Reader is recommended.

Dimensions: When printed at 100% original size, each square is roughly 34mm to a side. The full pitch measures 18" x 30" which includes a narrow white border. The printed area is 17.5" x 29.5".

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