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Helpful List Model Numbers + Names

What is the bots model number + name?

When a robot, artificial beings or even tools are created, especially when part of a series, they are often given model numbers, such as B-234, or ZX995 and so on.

Sometimes it's deliberate, sometimes not, but these model numbers can resemble other words, such as QU4D looking like Quad and so on. This can lead to the robot, artificial lifeform etc being given a nickname based on its model number.

This Helpful List has two d100 tables of such concepts, giving you 200 ideas for model numbers + their equivalent in a more readable form. The lists are repeated and arranged alphabetically, once in a "Model to Name" format and the other in "Name to Model", with the contents the same for both.

Examples models/names include...

Model to Name Format

  • 4B3-RR47-10N (Aberration)
  • 70RP3D0 (Torpedo)
  • PR4-NK5-73R (Prankster)

Name to Model Format

  • Chimera (CH1M-3R4)
  • Morgana (M0R64N4)
  • Vagabond (V464-B0ND)

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