Storage Modules Type 03 Card Models Kit PDF

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Easy to build: This print-and-build card models kit is easy to assemble, each storage module model requiring just 1 cardstock paper sheet to print on (index weight, 110#, or 199gsm recommended). The only tools you'll need are a hobby knife, paper glue, metal ruler and cutting mat.

15mm to 30mm scale: This model is designed at the popular 28mm-30mm gaming scale (1 inch equals 5 feet or 2 meters), and can be shrunk down to 15mm, 20mm or 25mm scales by simply adjusting the print size percentage on your printer. Tips and advice for altering the scale are included with this kit.

Multi-layered PDFs: This set features multi-layered PDFs that offer a variety of color schemes and other details. You can use your PDF reader to create dozens of unique storage module models, choosing your favorite paint schemes, shipping company logos, weathering effects, decals and more.

Software requirements: You'll need the free Adobe Reader in order to use these files.


  • Multi-layered PDFs that should be customized using Adobe Reader's layer controls before printing
  • PDF with 24 prepared storage module designs that are ready to print
  • JPG files of the 24 prepared versions
  • PDF instructions booklet

Dimensions: At the default 28mm-30mm scale, these models have a footprint of 1.5" x 3" and stand 1.5" tall.

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