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The heroes of the Stolen Lands can use all the help they can get! The Kingmaker Companion Guide presents seven fully detailed companions inspired by the Kingmaker video game, ready to provide all sorts of assistance, each accompanied by a fully detailed personalized adventure to go along with their story. Notes on how an additional six companions can aid your adventures, extensive rules for camping and cooking strange and even magical meals to bolster your characters’ abilities, and a fully detailed system to incorporate weather and hazards like blizzards, flash floods, tornadoes, supernatural storms, and more into your campaign make the Kingmaker Companion Guide a must-have expansion for your Kingmaker Adventure Path or indeed any Pathfinder campaign!

Each companion character introduces a plethora of new character options to further enhance and bolster your characters’ abilities and options, including over a dozen feats, nearly a dozen spells, ten new alchemical and magical items, three dozen new exploration and downtime activities, and much, much more!

This deluxe special edition is bound in faux leather with metallic deboss cover elements and a bound-in ribbon bookmark.

Written by: Alex Augunas, Russ Brown, Jeremy Corff, Steven T. Helt, Eric Hindley, James Jacobs, Victoria Jaczko, Jeff Lee, Tom McQueen, Jason Nelson, Chris Perrin, Richard Pett, David N. Ross, and Mike Welham.

ISBN-13: 978-1-64078-434-5

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Chapter 1: Companions 4
Chapter 2: Camping 106
Chapter 3: Weather 120

Back cover text:

The heroes of the Stolen Lands can use all the help they can get! The Pathfinder Kingmaker Companion Guide presents several fully detailed NPC companions ready to provide all sorts of assistance, but also several new adventures set in the Stolen Lands. Expanded rules for camping in the wilds and enduring a wide range of hazardous weather events make the Kingmaker Companion Guide an indispensable addition to your Kingmaker campaign.

The Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path, Pathfinder Kingmaker Bestiary (5E), Pathfinder Kingmaker Bestiary (First Edition), and Pathfinder Kingmaker Companion Guide contain typical Pathfinder action and adventure, player options, creatures, and more. They also include content related to child abuse and neglect, graphic depictions of torture and violence, substance abuse, and other themes that are appropriate for more mature audiences. Before you run this adventure or use any of the supplementary sourcebooks, understand that consent from everyone at the table—including the players and the Game Master—is vital to a safe and fun play experience. You should talk with your players before beginning the adventure and modify descriptions or events as appropriate.

The companions are converted for 5E and the first edition Bestiaries, but this Pathfinder Kingmaker Companion Guide, or Special Edition, provides the full context for all the systems.

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