Legendary Mediums: Second Edition (PF2E) PDF

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Bind the Powers of the Beyond!

Legendary Mediums is the latest in the player-focused line of supplements for Pathfinder Second Edition, centering on the skillful and adaptable medium class. Tap into an incredible array of psychospiritual abilities, featuring over 30 class options for binding yourself to spirits like the Adept and the Magician, attuning yourself to the anima, kami, servitor, or the mysterious void. That's just the beginning, as you'll also find over 100 class feats, focus spells, magic items, skill unlocks, and more! Unlock your powers with Necromantic Conduit and Unsettling Presence, foresee the future with Unfinished Business and Branching Possibilities, and strike fear into your enemies with Everlasting Terror and We Know. Wield magical tools like the soulseeing mirror and spells like poltergeist outbreak, ethereal mantle, and exile soul. Finally, master expanded skill uses with classic occult talents like Dowsing, Psychometry, Automatic Writing, and Exorcism! If you ever wanted to explore the mysteries of the occult, this versatile class can fill many roles by specializing in martial, magical, or informational talents. Check out this 34-page Pathfinder Second Edition character class book by Luigi Lizza today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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