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Love Most Wild and Wonderful!

What happens when immortal infatuation breaks forth into the world of mortals? Faerie Passions holds the answers, with advice and optional rules for Pathfinder Second Edition GMs as well as new character options for characters. Players can unlock four new sorcerer bloodlines for nereids and norns, dryads and satyrs, with a dozen dynamic focus spells like green soul, pluck the threads, shift fate, and waves of ecstasy, while rangers and druids can master the wild with fey feats like Dispelling Strike and Fey Allure. For GMs and world-builders, Faerie Passions explores the mindset of the fey and their motivations when interacting with mortals and a world that is not their own, richly illustrated with detailed examples. It also engages children of mortals and the fey, the legacies of love (or lust) left behind in the wake of the often fleeting or turbulent romance between lovers that are worlds apart. You'll find both narrative and mechanical scenarios to connect your PCs with the weird wiles of the fey, enriching the magical spirit of the world. Check out this 26-page Pathfinder 2E rules expansion from Russ Taylor, Todd Stewart, and Mike D. Welham and Make Your Game Legendary!

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