Starfinder Adventure Path #49: A Light in the Dark (Drift Hackers 1 of 3)

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The Drift Crisis continues!

In crumbling Alluvion, the goddess Triune’s city domain within the Drift, the heroes are thrust into the center of tensions between anxious factions at the heart of the Drift Crisis catastrophe! By agreeing to aid a desperate android priest of Casandalee, the heroes can start to help healing these divides. But first, they must curry the favor of a community of ysoki scrappers outside of the Dark, a neighborhood where technology doesn’t work that hasn’t been touched by light for decades. Exploring those murky streets, they confront undead menaces and otherworldly spirits of hatred and anger, eventually restoring light and power to the cursed region, and shining further illumination as to the origin of the Drift Crisis!

A Light in the Dark is a Starfinder adventure for four 7th-level characters, launching the 3-volume Drift Hackers Adventure Path. Drift Hackers is the exciting conclusion of the Drift Crisis, an event taking place across the entire Starfinder game line, in which faster-than-light travel breaks down and the galaxy is thrown into chaos. In addition to the adventure itself, this book includes a player's guide filled with character creation advice and new gear designed just for Drift Crisis players, along with an Adventure Toolbox filled with new rule options and strange alien creatures.

Written by: Jessica Catalan

ISBN-13: 978-1-64078-485-7

Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Adventure Path Subscription.

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Preorder, expected approximately 14 Dec 2022

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Announced for December! Product image and description are not final and may be subject to change.


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High five for Jessica C! I like how both Drift Crashers 1 and Drift Hackers 1 are written by a Jessica :) You can't kick off a Drift Crisis AP without us.

Dark Archive

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Huh right forgot that starfinder mid tier 3 parts were a thing :O so this is the levels 7-12 one huh. I wonder if Drift Crisis will also get the levels 13-20 one or if devastation ark sold that badly that at most we get the standalones for those levels (which would be cool as well, I just hope we get multiple choices for high level content in different form xD)

But yeah cool, this is technically planar adventure since its located in Alluvion :D Also fun to have drift crisis adventure in drift itself

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I had hoped this would be a 6 part adventure path taking us up to level 20. In D&D 5E there is only one adventure published by WOTC that goes to L20. And with Starfinder only one. This is disappointing as there is only so many times I want to play level 1 to 12 repeatedly. I know Aaron Shanks said to me once on another forum that high level adventure is a perfect place for Starfinder Infinite, I agree partly, but that is not a good substitution for actual official Paizo made adventures. I think that 2 more three part adventure paths similar to Devestation Ark would be awesome and would love to see more people push for this on the forums as Paizo (unlike WOTC) pay attention to fans and subscribers. If enough people request and talk about it I am sure Paizo would do so.

I was also hoping for a 6 parter to, level not as big of a deal for me and my groups, but someday perhaps.

Can't wait to see how all these products fit together and have a fun and different experience in GMing and as a player as well hopefully in this year long event.

Thing is for th 15-20 level stuff, it usually takes a couple of them to have everyone to get the feel of them, for those who are designing and wring them, So as Paizo has the number and if it fell under what they thought I hope they realize they need to do at least one or two more.

And one has to remember that a 6 Parter level 1-20 is a HUGE commitment and with it extra page counts per module to do it justice, but you never know I guess what the future might hold.



I mean, Starfinder AP issues are one third shorter than their Pathfinder equivalents, so they basically literally can't go from 1 to 20 unless they 1) Become substantially longer (Unlikely); or 2) Become 9 books long (Really unlikely).

Anyway, this one sounds fun - something urban, for a change, it seems.

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ICYMI: Devastation Ark is the only Starfinder high level Adventure Path. (Many here know that.) The AP after Drift Hackers is unannounced.

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