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Join us for PaizoCon Online when it returns in 2022! Officially sponsored by Paizo, PaizoCon Online 2022 is a three day extravaganza of online games, seminars, and events hosted on Discord and Twitch.

The Online Badge entitles you to access to register for online games, both for Organized Play as well as third party events. Seminars and Discord events are free to all.

There are not separate kids badges for PaizoCon Online. Any youth 13+ wishing to play games should purchase an Online Badge. Games are not open to under 13 due to current internet guidelines.

Note: By purchasing a PaizoCon Online 2022 Badge you agree to abide by the PaizoCon Code of Conduct.

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Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Huzzah PaizoCon!

Silver Crusade

Let's do this!

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

$25 online badge and no guarantee that I'd actually be able to get into any games?! Nah, no thank you Paizo (and this is coming from a core subscriber).

Should really take a page from GenCon online. Badge is $0, then you pay for the tickets you use to enter games and events. That is perfectly reasonable and a win/win for everybody.

Shadow Lodge

Sign up to GM and get guaranteed seats, as well as badge comp!

Sovereign Court

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So, once pruchased, how does the badge get us unlocked to actually register for games on Warhorn?

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