Legendary Classes: Sagitta Stellaris (PFRPG) PDF

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Paths of Cosmic Power

Sagitta Stellaris is a new martial discipline for Path of War that focuses on ranged combat, battlefield control, and a dash of fortune-telling. By harnessing the power of the stars, your arrows can draw magical paths around the battlefield in their wake, strengthening allies or hindering enemies who step across them. The style rewards archers who have a broad awareness of positioning in fights to shape the tides in their favor, but also has mechanics to hybridize with martials that invest in offense-focused styles. For those who want to specialize, this booklet offers a creepy gothic archetype for Harbinger, the rosethorn princess, that ensnares enemies in cursed vines. Gunslingers can take the bulletwriter archetype, an artisan that crafts metaphysical bullets from their emotions. Infuse the power of the stars into your meteoric missiles that sail on the solar winds with this 40-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class supplement by Z. Wong and Make Your Game Legendary!

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