Book of Heroes: 10 11th-Level General Feats (PF2E) PDF

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Options for Every Hero

Every Pathfinder Second Edition Hero needs General Feats. Now the best ones are no longer limited to Level 1 options. Grab yourself these 10 new choices for your higher-level character today.

This supplement includes the following feats:

  • Accustomed to the Dark
  • Armor Expertise
  • All-Around Senses
  • Greater Fleet
  • Hardened Mind
  • Sense Thy Enemy
  • Shield Deflection
  • Stone Step
  • Uncanny Acumen
  • Weapon Expertise

Be the Hero You’ve Always Known You Are With These Awesome Character Options Today.

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Thanks Mika. I forgot to put an embargo date on this and you're quick on the draw. So everyone gets to download this from here a day early.

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