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An infinite variety of adventures wander this world, shaped by circumstances mundane and magical into unique individuals with distinct abilities and approaches.

Spheres of Origin allows players and GMs alike to customize their characters and backstories to their liking, offering the tools to design unique Origin Traditions that emphasize distinct experiences and unique advantages.

Making up these Origin Traditions are talents from three all-new Origin Spheres, more than a 150 unique abilities which can be used to shape a character’s Aptitude, Essence, and Form into whatever shape best suits their concept.

Building on the system of Origin Traditions and Talents are a variety of other options for players to develop characters as they see fit.

Revised rules for Favored Class Bonuses and Subordinates expand the possibilities for each of these systems, while new class options for the Conscript and Shifter classes expand the options and possibilities of Origin Talents through all character levels.

Finally, a number of new feats, revised magic talents, and the expansive Generation Tradition system offer a number of frontiers and options for players and GMs to explore.

With Spheres of Origin, players and GMs alike are given new power to make their game world their own.

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Does anyone know if it's "2 potent OR 1 potent + 3 auxiliary + 1 utility", or is it "2 potent + 1 utility OR 1 potent + 3 auxiliary + 1 utility"?

What I'm thinking is: we could use one for creating new weapons. Spheres of Steel?

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