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Blood and elegance paves the way!

Blood and guts, cysts and plagues; All horrible, disgusting things that afflict the people of the world. But within all matters gross and bloody, there lies a disciplined path of warriors who hew and dash between, inflicting bodily horrors while dancing across their prey; these few are known as Crimson Dancers.

The Crimson Dancer holds the secrets to a new Champion class that specializes in abusing the blood of the foes in different ways; following the path of the Crimson Reaper and unleashing focused destruction, or the path of the Scarlet Dancer and whittling away at many different foes while being difficult to capture. In addition, this book contains options for those who wish to utilize awful magic that inflicts diseases, through the use of new Plague feats and the Plaguebringer Mageknight, a myriad of new Blood Sphere talents, as well as a refreshed take on the Duelist sphere, expanding its repertoire of bloody talents and aiding all who wish to dance with the blood of their foes.

Designed for Pathfinder 1st edition at the Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might systems.

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