Syrinscape—Dead Suns #4: the Ruined Clouds SoundPack

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The Ruined Clouds SoundPack gives you the complete audio solution when playing the fourth chapter of Starfinder's Dead Suns. All the preparation is done for you and every sound you'll need is right at your fingertips.

Still on the heels of the Devourer cult, the heroes head to a distant, uncharted star system, where they find the ruins of an ancient alien city floating in the atmosphere of a gas giant. Exploring the ruins, they encounter the degenerate descendants of a highly advanced species that once controlled the lost superweapon the heroes are searching for.

Is this Starfinder Adventure Path SoundPack useful when I'm not running a Starfinder Adventure?

Yes! The Ruined Clouds SoundPack supports:

  • the deserted streets of a floating city
  • battles with primitive aliens
  • ruined high tech buildings
  • Battles with savage creatures
  • The degenerate Kish
  • Living holograms
  • Giant fungal swarms
  • Collapsing buildings
  • Scavenger slimes
  • many rich music tracks
  • and so much more...

Availablility: Your Syrinscape audio content will be delivered as a Voucher Code on your My Downloads page redeemable at, and will be downloadable within the Syrinscape Fantasy Player. Contact if you have any questions.

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