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Bigger and Better

Don't let anyone else tell you different, it's as you always suspected in your deepest fears. Size matters, and there's no denying it. That's why the peeps over at ENPublishing have upgraded and enlarged the Portable Hole Full of Beer, and are re-releasing it as Bride of Portable Hole: The Book of Neurotic Fantasy. We've combined the contents of Ambient Inc.'s 2002 ENnie Award-winning Portable Hole Full of Beer: this product contains no alcohol with ENPublishing's 2003 sequel, Son of a Portable Hole, updated the stats, and added new content to create this daunting, Anatomically Over-Endowed PDF with 174 pages of hilarious content!

    Bride of Portable Hole: The Book of Neurotic Fantasy includes:
  • The Eric and the Dread Gazebo story, and stats for the Gazebo itself
  • Librum Perflagitiosus Equitis: The Book of Very Shameful Cavaliers with 18 Prestige Classes and an NPC class. New content includes the Twit, The Pony Girl, and the Flunky.
  • Ye Mighty Book o' Feates: 24 Feats including new content from the upcoming ENArmoury: Chainmail Bikini Encounters: Return to the Orc and the Pastry, Revenge of the Orc and the Pastry, Himover the Flaming Poodlemancer of Underdark, The Lost Penguin Colony, Deus Ex Machina, and the Elemental Plane of Candy
  • Monsters & Templates: The Flumphonomicon, Monsters of the MetaGame, and Templates. Includes the addition of the Cyclopean Breech Serpent
  • Equipment and Alchemy: Yee Mighty Sporting Goodes Shoppe, Better Living Through Chemistry and d20 Drinking Games return, bringing with them an exerpt from the Chainmail Bikini, Bed, Body & Boudoir, and Devious Drinks. Reviews: WotC's Academically Speaking & FFG's Romance & Relationships are joined with Reality Check (D&D TV Shows), and the Bestiary of Oozes
  • Spells: 35 spells, including the new Summon Mojo, Power Word, Dye and Power Word, Sea
  • Magic Items: A Portable Hole Full of Loot contains 14 pages of magic items, and is in the good company of Magic WeaPuns (new), The Half-Mad Magic Shoppe (new), Items of Love & Romance, Migical Vestments of the Loins, and Leo's Tiny Chariot
  • PickUp Lines for Horny Gamers makes its first appearance, as do the rules for Beaver Hunt.
  • Beaver Hunt: Join an international elite strike force to combat the Maple Syrup Conspiracy, one pelt at a time with this new card game.

New content, new layout, new art. And it's FREE! Download your copy now! Inside the .zip file you will find two PDFs: Bride of Portable Hole, complete with extensive bookmarks for your viewing pleasure; and Beaver Hunt Cards

(not available in stores, batteries not included, some equipment shown is optional. Warning: pregnant women, the elderly, and children should avoid prolonged exposure to Bride of Portable Hole Full of Beer (this product contains no alcohol). all models over 18 years of age. list was current at time of printing. may cause physical trauma, up to and including agitation of prostate. discontinue use if any of the following occurs: itching, vertigo, hearing loss, dizziness, blurred vision (natural or cyber-assisted), tingling in extremities, muscle twitching, loss of balance or coordination, slurred speech, temporary blindness, ringing in the ears, diarrhea, odoriferous belching, uncontrollable flatulence, profuse sweating or heart palpitations. reader assumes full responsibility. do not remove this disclaimer under penalty of law. read at your own risk.)

The original Portable Hole Full of Beer: this product contains no alcohol was winner of the 2002 GenCon / E.N.World d20 System Award for best free product or web enhancement!

Written By: M Jason Parent, Denise Robinson et al
Cover Art by: Frank Krug
Illustrated by: Tony Monorchio with Matt Cuenca, JL Jones, Juan Navarro, et al
Page Count: 176 pages

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