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Into the Breach is a series of crunch-focused books intended to expand archetypes and class options for a single class in each book.

Into the Breach: the Druid is our largest offering to date at 55 pages! In these pages you’ll find 21 new archetypes, 3 new prestige classes, feats, traits, new companion options, an article that expands options for druid order and groves, and even some mundane gear.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Into the Breach: The Druid


as copied from Drivethru by "Bardess"

I have in no way altered this review.

The Into the Breach line not only provides additional options for characters under the existing lines, it also creates additional rules to use with the class, adding more flavor and/or crunch. This is maybe what I like the most, so I was positively struck by the elementalist archetypes, that create an “elemental shaman” druid similar to the animal or terrain shaman archetypes we already know. The idea of "druid groves" (akin to monastic orders) is intriguing, too, and easily implemented, as all it requires is to take some feats, receiving very pretty bonuses from each of them (like spell-like abilities). Pathfinder had presented us ONE specific druidic circle with the Uskwood, but it was only for evil druids, and I feel more of them were highly required! Nature traits are a welcomed new category of character traits, and are not restricted to druids, so with them, every character could have a more natural or feytouched feel to themselves. Among those there are traits tied to the seasons, that I love in particular (but where is the summer one!?). I also like the new weapons presented, most of all the ice axe, that adds a great deal of flavor to an arctic-themed hero. Other options focus on different facets of a druid's personality, as the herbalist, the meteorologist, or the shapehanging mercurial and monsterblood shifter (magical beast wild shape, at last! If anything, I would require even more optional forms!). The extremophile guardian, the fungus gardener, and the origamist also may select among new intriguing kinds of companion creatures, that are always a good thing. Lastly, we have three new prestige classes to complement it all. The amalgamate FUSES with her animal companion to create one powerful entity (how come I didn't think of THIS before?!?!), the feytouched farmer grows enchanted crops and befriends the nature spirits to gain dairy or agricultural bonuses of all sorts (sweet! I can imagine letting my party rest for a while in such a farm!), and the syncretic priest joins together druidid and clerical/oracular abilities (it could be LG/LE/CG/CE too, if I read correctly- are there penalties for alignment change if you take this PrC? If not, it could be what I ALWAYS WISHED FOR to create a true Brown Friar character for Pathfinder!) Am I too enthusiastical? Well, it's the first time someone asks me for a review, but I see good stuff here. All in all, it's almost everything I wanted from a book with this title. Buy it!

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Druid is probably my favorite class, I'd be down to check this out for ya.

hey donduley, sent you a PM about getting that Into the Breach: The Druid copy out to you right quick. Also, thank you very much for the offer to review our work, and I agree, Druid is just my favorite too!!

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